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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I’m not sure how it happens, maybe some voodoo witch craft but after 7 years of working everyday and coming home to testing water and adding chemicals while spending countless money my pool is finally enjoyable. Every time I roll up the solar cover I think this is it, it’s going to be green. To my surprise it’s always crystal clear. I live in NJ and open my pool in May and close it in September. I installed the Aquastaser this May and my pool has been spotless since. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend it, worth every penny. I’ve tested my water maybe once a month just to see what comes up and each time it is perfectly balanced. The Aquastaser really helped me enjoy my pool and be able to spend a lot less money. If your considering buying one just do it!

Adeline Anderson
Haven’t received yet

Haven’t received the item yet so I can’t rate

John Demm

This did nothing to clean our pool. After a few days it turned green and had to be shocked and back to using chlorine.

Greg C.
Zero Chlorine. Love It!

My wife and I love our Aquastaser on our pool. We are so shocked and impressed how we no longer need chlorine in our pool. My favorite part is my skin doesn't itch anymore and my eyes don't burn after swimming.

Matt V.
Clear, Clean Water And Saved $$

Our pool water is crystal clear and perfectly blue. Not only that, after a year of having the Aquastaser we have saved a lot of money in eliminating the chemicals and chlorine. Our pool guy was not very happy when we told him we didn't need him anymore, lol!

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