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Pool Guide ABC: DIY Pool Care Quick Guide

Pool Guide ABC: DIY Pool Care Quick Guide

Pool Guide ABC

So, you own a pool? 

Well, how does it work?

The more familiar you are with your pool, the better you will be able to maintain it. The better it is working, the more effective your Aquastaser will work. Remember, as innovative and revolutionary as the Aquastaser is, it can not work its magic alone! It requires that your pool is in good working order, and especially that you have good circulation. This means that your pump is working well, and you are getting a good flow through your jets. If you are not, there may be something more pressing that requires investigation.

How does your pool work?

Remember, without your pump and filter, your pool will become a backyard pond.  Even if you dump in excessive amounts of chlorine and chemicals, your pool still needs circulation and water movement, without that it will just become a toxic chlorine-filled backyard pond.  

Essentially, your pool contains three symbiotic, but distinct systems that rely on each other to function properly - Suction, Filtration, and Pressure. 


This system removes water from your pool and sends it to the filter, beginning the circulation process.  

This system utilizes the skimmer, the main drain, and the suction/cleaner line (some pools).  

  • Skimmer - Built into the side of your pool, this is the unit that collects leaves, bugs and debris and gathers it in a skimmer basket.  These items are big enough to be trapped before getting sucked into your filter.  
  • Main Drain - This is usually located on the floor of your pool’s deep end, and performs nearly the same function as the skimmer.  It draws water from your pool into the filtration system.  
  • Suction/cleaner line - Some pools have this feature built into the side of the pool to connect to a vacuum.


How does the pool water enter the drain and the skimmer? Your pool pump contains an impeller, which spins very fast to create a vacuum effect, and draws water into the filtration system. The impeller is powered by a motor, which is rated by horsepower, typically 3/4hp - 3hp (depending on your pool size).

                                             Pool Pump

‍The larger the pool, the more horsepower the pump will need to move the higher volume of water. There are three general types of pool filters: Sand, D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth), and Cartridge Filter.

As the water is pulled into the pump, it changes from pulling water to pushing water into the filter.  As the name suggests, the filter removes particles, debris, junk, sand, dirt and organisms that made it past your skimmer basket.  


Here is where the magic happens with the Aquastaser.  Once the water leaves the filter, it makes its way back to the pool.  Before that, the water will pass through the patented hydrodynamic cavitation device, known as the Aquastaser. The Aquastaser will sanitize your water, creating a clear and healthy swimming experience. 

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